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Update No. 3

We continue to work hard each day helping spruce up the Faith Lutheran Church building and helping with their Vacation Bible School.  One of the more unusual projects we are doing is scraping and painting the wood stove!  


Please also note in the pictures the "World's Biggest Bear Trap"!  It's on display at the local hardware store (where Keith and I make regular visits for supplies).  It is 6 feet long and weighs 138 pounds.  It has never been used because no two men cannot step on the springs and get it open.  Its just a novelty!


We finish up tomorrow and head for a boat trip through Hell's Canyon on Saturday.  We fly out of Lewiston, ID on Sunday and arrive back in Detroit at 10:00 p.m. Sunday evening.  God bless and see you soon!



Pastor Judy and Tina performing

a VBS skit!

The Medley's House 

(Mary Jo and Mark)

10 of us are staying here!

It's a beautiful country home!

The Ceiling Project


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